ICON 2007+ Toyota Tundra Rear Hyd Bump Stop Kit - 56108

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Suspension Component
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This hydraulic bump stop system was developed as an OEM replacement, making installation a simple and straightforward bolt-on affair. With no major cutting, welding, or fabrication required you have the option to return the vehicle back to its stock form. The factory rubber bump stops have a limited energy absorption capacity and a rapid release of this energy upon rebound – This translates into a harsh ride and poor handling in rough terrain. ICON hydraulic bump stops absorb and release this energy in a much more controlled manner due to the digressive rebound piston valving, resulting in predictable handling and vehicle dynamics.

Suspension components are key to making sure you car is riding smoothly on or off the road. With upgraded suspension components, you can unlock the full potential of your vehicles performance.

Suspension over travel can lead to damaged parts and costly repairs. Bump stops are designed to prevent your steering or suspension components from over travelling. If you are upgrading your rig for performance driving, consider installing an aftermarket set of bump stops.

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