400 W-hr Power Pack (BPP-M400)

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This unit is also available for rental. Pick up from our location only. Please email sale@bioennopower.com or call 1-888-336-7864 to inquire about pricing and terms.

The BPP-M400 is a 400Watt Hour capacity portable power system featuring our proprietary high-capacity Lithium ion battery integrated with our single-board microcomputer control system and built to ISO9001:2008 and ISO14001 quality standards. The M400 offers a versatile selection of outputs, inputs and capabilities in a compact form factor designed with user-friendliness in mind. Featuring an integrated solar system, a Pure Sine Wave Inverter, flexible DC output and even the capability of jump-starting up to a 4 Liter engine, the M400 is the versatile solution for any need be it emergency power when the grid goes out or your base camp when you are outdoors. This is the go-to portable power system bridging the gap between high power and extreme portability.

BPP-M400 User Manual [PDF]

BPP-M400 Power Pack Specifications
Battery Type:LithiumIron Phosphate
Battery Voltage: 11.1V
Battery Capacity: 35Ah
Watt Hours: 400 Watts Hours
Maximum Continuous Discharge: 300Watts from Pure Sine Wave Inverter
Maximum Peak Discharge: 600 Watt 
Maximum VAC Charge Current: 29.4V at 2.8A
Maximum Solar Charge Current: 120 Watts at 14-40VDC
Maximum System Operation Temperature: 14F ~ 140F (-10C ~ 60C)
Cycle Life: >2000 cycles
Dimensions:9.3 in. x 5.9 in. x 9.8 in. (235mm x 150 mm x 248 mm)
Weight: 11.8lbs. (5.4kg.)

DC Output: 
1x 12V Marine Car Socket, 10 Amp Maximum Discharge
2X 12V 6mm Coaxial Socket, 3 Amp Maximum Discharge
2X 5V USB Socket, 2.1 Amp Maximum Discharge
2x 5V USB Socket, 1.1 Amp Maximum Discharge
1X 12V Jump Starter, 200-400 CCA

AC Output:
2X 110VAC Three Prong Socket, 300 Watt

Shipping: Standard
Return/Exchange: 30 Days
Warranty: 5 Years

Panel Option is available with 60 Watt Foldable Solar Panel for Charging Power Packs (BSP-60)

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