CO2 Tank 15 LB Track Pack Package B 400 PSI Regulator Candy Blue Power Tank - TP15-5350-CB-P

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Power Tank
CO2 Tank
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CO2 Tank 15 LB Track Pack Package B Candy Blue from Power Tank. This is the perfect system for most Sand guys who want a portable air system to carry from the trailer to the RV to the stuck buggy, etc., quickly air up larger high pressure tires on their truck and trailer, run air tools if need be, and blow sand out of their kids hair before lunch. Plus 101 other things that compressed air is handy for.

The Super Coupler in this system is compatible with four different air plugs and has a built-in on-off valve for ease of use. The HD tire inflator is built to order.

  • Candy Blue
  • 15 lb. Track Pack Package B
  • HP400i Regulator w/Power Flow II
  • Power Grip Guard
  • Armorcoat Tank
  • Chrome Valve
  • 30 for Superflex Braided Hose
  • Fittings
  • Ball Chuck
  • Speed Bag
  • Tank Boot
  • TIG-8200 Tire Inflator
  • Super Coupler
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