Nitrogen N2 Sidearm System Package B 400 PSI Power Tank - PS72-4350

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Nitrogen N2 Sidearm System Package B 400 PSI from Power Tank. This is the N2 Sidearm Pkg. B air system. It is carried on a shoulder sling and gives you nitrogen air for quick tire checks using the included PT Tire Inflator (TIG-8200 60 psi liquid ga.).
The regulator features Power-Flo coupler for higher flow and gives you the power to kick lug nuts loose with an impact wrench. When the bottle pressure gets low just take it to your main N2 mother tank and top it off again.

The transfilling tool and our SS Power Wrench 3 is included in this kit. To keep everything nice and protected, everything fits inside the carry bag. Also comes with our high pressure braided coiled hose and quality fittings.
This can also be paired with a shock inflator tool to do in-the-pit shock air ups up to 400 PSI.

  • N2 Sidearm Package B
  • Dr. Bag
  • N2 bottle
  • N2 Power Filler
  • 10 foot coiled hose
  • (2) Power-Flo 8-ball Couplers
  • Valve Cap
  • 4 o-rings
  • 4012P Pro Sidearm
  • Sling
  • TIG-8200 Tire Inflator
  • Power Wrench 3
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