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Tacoma Coin Holder Switch Panel Replacement fits both small and Std. OEM Style Switches


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Control your lights and accessories all in one easy to reach panel.

Our new 3D panels provide a factory feel and allow switches to fit just like other areas of your truck. This panel is available for both Std. and Small OEM switches.

Our OEM switch panels are CAD designed and cut to perfection providing a seamless fit. Simply unscrew your factory pocket and replace it with the OEM switch panel, holding up to 3 Toyota OEM style switches (switches not included). Combine all these great features with our life time warranty on all vehicle mounting systems so you can drive into the darkness and ignite the night.

SKU#126782 This model fits 2 std. switches and 1 "Small OEM switch" in the middle. 

Fitment: 2016+ Tacoma 


  • Easy installation, Just pull the panel away from your dash using a plastic putty knife or fork. It will pull away with ease. 
  • Unscrew the factory coin holder taking precautions NOT to loose the screws that hold it in. 
  • Exchange your new panel in its place and re attach using the same screws. 
  • Made from durable black plastic. 
  • Holds up to 3 Toyota OEM style switches (switches not included)
  • Mounting systems engineered and manufactured in the USA
  • This item does not include the OEM Toyota Trim Panel


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