LP Aventure 19-Present TOYOTA RAV4 Skid Plate
The skid plate is an essential component to go into the off-road trails ADVANTAGES: Aluminum construction of a 3/16 "thick. It provides good protection to the components that are generally exposed under the car as the engine, oil pan, and...
from $285.00
Maximize the protection of your vehicle by adding the Full Armor option to your LP Aventure bumper guard This option includes 3 additional skid plates which attach to the bumper guard. Made of sturdy aluminum (thickness of 3/16). We recommend...
LP Aventure 19-Present Toyota RAV4 BUMPER GUARDS
The LP Aventure bumper guard for the 2019+ Toyota RAV4 is manufactured in a DOM (Drawn Over Mandrel) steel tube of 1.25'' x 0.125'' combined with 1'' x 0.095''. This material is very strong and is often used in the...
from $795.00
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